As ordinary air-dried clay does not possess moisture-resistant properties, it has been fired since the Stone Age in order to create its permanent shape.

Now for the first time potters and artists can manually or mechanically create u n f i r e d, air-dried, moisture-resistant, water absorbent, structurally stable pottery and clay sculptures in a truly environmentally friendly and CO2 saving way.

Not only are firing expenses and the firing related emissions entirely eliminated but also the risk of damage to the work pieces during the firing process can be avoided.

By incorporating a variation of regional, naturally occurring, renewable, CO2-storing fillers we reduce the weight and the chance of crack formations of our shaped clay pieces.

Depending on the kind and quantity of the renewable filling materials being added and depending on the kind of finishing, a vast variety of final surface finishes can be achieved.

Our novel forming materials can be used manually or mechanically to create unfired, air-dried, moisture-resistant clay pieces such as pottery and sculptures. They can also be used to create shelters for dogs, cats, birds, bees and other animals or playgrounds for children just to mention a few.

Regarding the specific preparation and application guidelines, IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC. offers consultations in the form of on-site or video consultations, as well as relevant brochures.

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