T H E   E N T E R P R I S E

The constant growth of the world population, the people's desire for affordable housing, the dramatic increase in CO2 emissions and the resulting climate change as well as the rapid resource scarcity makes the implementation of solutions like the ones which IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC. provides under its brand LUXXUL true green, inevitable.

The socio ecological and socio-economical Canadian enterprise IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC. acts as a material, concept and project developer as well as a consultation.

Based on its novel, moisture-resistant clay material developents the enterprise provides, on the respective region matched, with the materials provided on-site by nature, under the brand LUXXUL true green, future-oriented concepts for implementation and accompanies the concept implementations in the form of projects and carries out consultations in this regard.

The current focus of the activities is on the publicising, the implementation and the marketing of the novel, unfired, moisture-resistant, clay-based material developments with particular emphasis on clay mortar, clay plaster and clay mould materials for the potters, designers and artists.

The enterprise implements its innovative concepts and projects under the brand name LUXXUL true green in cooperation with certified cooperation partners, licensees and applicators but also with DIYers.

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