IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC is proud to introduce its unique ecological and economical, unfired, air dried moisture resistant, water absorbent and highly insulating clay material developments which are produced without firing, its related energy expenditure and without its related CO2 emissions.

As ordinary air-dried clay does not possess moisture-resistant properties and is soluble in water, it has been fired for thousands of years in order to create its permanent shape. The basic firing process of typical bricks and roof tiles takes place at staggering temperatures of 910 to 1200°C and can range in duration from 6 to 36 hours. The firing process of pottery is even more energy-intensive. It takes place at temperatures of 1100°C  to 1300°C and lasts up to 12 hours. This practice is extremely harmful to the environment when taking into account its drastic by-products such as C02 emmissions. The entire firing process is excessivly energy and cost intensive.

As a result of the steady rise in energy costs over the last decades, the Brick and Tile Industry International as well as the European Commission have been searching for a method to produce clay products without the need for firing in the hopes of eliminating the related high expenses and limiting CO2 emissions at the same time.

Luckily there is a simple solution: by transitioning to the use of our innovative product, the damaging effects of these outdated practices can be eliminated entirely.
IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC. does not only possess the patented know-how to create and provide the global community with economical and ecological, unfired, air-dried, water- and frost-resistant, water absorbent clay materials. The enterprise also has the right to apply, market and license this groundbreaking method worldwide, to certify its licensees and to carry out consultations in regards to this innovative process.

Produced according to this innovative ecological and economical method, the compressed, unfired, air-dried clay objects remarkably show water-resistance after weeks of soaking in water as well as frost-resistance after weeks of freezing at -20°C and more. They stay completely firm and keep their full load bearing capacity.

Again, as this innovative method does not require the firing process there is no firing cost and no related polluting CO2 emission cost incurred.

It is now possible to expose unfired and air-dried clay building materials such as bricks, roof and floor tiles as well as pottery and all other unfired clay products, to extreme moisture and weather conditions. The positive environmental effect of this innovative, ecological and economical method to produce unfired, moisture-resistant clay products either mechanically or manually can currently not be assessed or be quantified. It is clear however that the worldwide application of this method will significantly contribute to achieve the self-imposed climate goals made at the COP 22 - the Climate Summit 2016 in Marocco.

It is important to mention that the clay-based, ecological and economical, moisture and fire-resistant, highly insulating cladding materials of IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC. can prevent devistating disasters like the Grenfell Tower Fire.

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