The range of cooperations IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC. covers, is a far reaching one.

The enterprise acts primarily as implementation platform or cooperation platform regarding its patented, novel, ecological and economical, unfired, moisture-resistant clay material developments.

The current focus is primarily on clay plasters, clay mortars and clay based mould materials.

The enterprise aims to cooperate worldwide with entrepreneurs, architects, consultants, organisations and municipalities as collaboration partners and licensees to make its innovative, ecological and economical products and concepts available to all people.

IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC. offers implementation partners [ cooperation partners and licensees ] the possibility to contribute to and to participate in the growth of the socio-economical and socio-ecological enterprise.

The enterprise selects the cooperation partners according to its own high values and standards.

Through this selection, IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC. creates the base and guarantees the desired quality and high ethical standard of the implementation of its innovative, future-oriented know-how and products.

The cooperation also comprises the licencing and the standardized, quality-specific certification of the cooperation partners ensures that the defined high socio-economical and socio-ecological standards are met worldwide.
The enterprise IDEAS AND PROJECTS FOR MANKIND INC. provides all marketing preparations for the products and concepts. The trademark LUXXUL true green guarantees the quality of the products and services provided by its certified partners.

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